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Washington Movers is a logistics company based in Maryland; Established in 1996. We offer a exceptional standard of service for all your logistical needs. When your move is multiple corporate or business relocations, Washington Movers International have a highly professional network that spans the world.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose A Moving Company
Over Trying To Move Yourself

Moving our belongings from one domicile to another, no matter how much stuff we have, is one of life’s worst hassles. After you have taken the time to meticulously pack away all your treasures, often the last thing you want to do is to schlep it all into a truck and haul it off on your own. Then you have to repeat the process all over again when you arrive at your new location. Here are ten reasons why hiring a moving company is preferable to the classic do-it-yourself option:

Expertise: Loading a moving truck is rather like a real-life version of Tetris. While it is easy to see hot bricks fit together on a screen, the correct order for your stuff is more difficult to discern in the back of a box truck. Instead of cramming your valuables in, allow professionals to figure it out for you.

Brawn: No one has the time or patience to move one item at once. To do it more quickly means packing things together, but that makes our items heavier. Professional moving companies employ people used to moving lots of heavy things, and to do so in a timely fashion.

Everything You Need: Lack boxes? They have those. Need a truck? Check. Having trouble finding friends or family willing to help with your move? They are there to assist because it is their job. Want to keep your floors clean? They have booties.

You Live on What Floor?: Speaking of enticing recalcitrant friends into schlepping your stuff, one reason many do not readily volunteer is because no one likes moving up and down stairs. Most moving companies do not bat an eye at such challenges.

They Really Do Care: Because professional movers do so for a living, they often want to keep their job. This adds a little extra carefulness to their work, and they can anticipate possible pitfalls to your move that amateurs often do not think of.

They Operate On Schedules: A further reason that makes people who move other people’s stuff as their job is that they have their own schedules to keep. They balance doing a good job with a desire for expediency.

Insurance: Because they are typically commercially licensed, it means that they are insured not only against anything that might happen to them, but also your stuff.

Experience: Many professional moving companies got their start helping out others with their moves and doing it well. If they could perform such quality duties once, they can certainly do it again.

Plan of Attack: Whether you are moving a studio apartment worth of stuff or an entire mansion, there is little that professionals have not seen. Instead of attempting to get it all done at once, they know the proper order to tackle any moving project in an organized manner.

Price: Between boxes, packing tape, pads, hand trucks, and the truck itself, the costs of moving can get steep. Though hiring movers might seem like an added expense, they do automatically provide many of the things we tend to expect to spend money on. Thus you are free to oversee your valuables with a more watchful eye.

Why is it Important to Hire an Experienced Moving Company
When Trying to Relocate Your Piano?

Why is it Important to Hire an Experienced Moving Company When Trying to Relocate Your Piano?

There is nothing quite like the rich, luxurious sound of a stand-alone piano. The tone that comes from synthetic facsimiles comes off as fake and easy to spot. Thus the discerning connoisseur of music will opt for the authentic article rather than any computer or electronic generated substitute available. However, there is one nearly insurmountable problem with owning a traditional piano: they are among the heaviest pieces of furniture or instruments one can own outside of a full scale church organ. Luckily, companies that sell them employ experienced people who are knowledgeable in the ways of getting these burdensome items into your homes. But what happens when, either planned or unexpectedly, you find that you need to move? Given the amount of money likely invested in the instrument, the last thing you will want to do is to leave it behind. The answer, then, is to find a professional moving company that specializes in bringing your prized belonging from point A to point B.

There is a plethora of moving companies out there, everything from two guys with a truck up to multi-national companies with fleets of uniform semis. Do your research before choosing one. While the larger enterprises might be more attractive since they are more established, the one thing you want to make sure of is that they specialize in moving pianos. Many will advertise their ability to do this, but only some will do it well. Again, the bigger the corporation, the more likely they will have experience tackling this kind of move. An added feature of these entities is that they will be able to insure your move, thus providing a financial bulwark against any unforeseen calamity. Finally, they will have all the proper equipment needed to get your instrument out of your old home and into your new one with relative ease. Whoever you hire, you will want to make sure they know what they are doing when it comes to such a sensitive item as a piano.

You want to be sure of the quality of the professional mover handling your piano not simply because they are heavy items, but because they are prone to damage. Those who play for a living know how finicky they are to tune and sound right. There is an entire profession of people dedicated to going into private homes and retuning pianos. Hiring a professional to move your piano will help avoid an extra visit from the tuner. And if the move is mishandled, sometimes even a tuner will be unable to ever get it to sound the same as it once did. They are also made of quality materials, and any little dent or scratch will deter from its value should you wish to sell it one day. Therefore, though moving a piano might seem like a daunting task, when done right and with care, it is one that will pay off for the person willing to invest the money in keeping their valuables safe.

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